We are your source for professional equipment services across Canada.

CCIS (Cross Country Installation and Service) is a national field service company that works with manufacturers to provide skilled and experienced technicians to install, assemble or maintain equipment. We are proud to work with over 100 Technicians across Canada that have installed over 150,000 pieces of equipment in over 2,400 locations last year including hospitals, offices, retail locations, restaurants, schools and sporting facilities across Canada.

Equipment we install or maintain include:

  • Medical Equipment: patient beds, medical diagnostic equipment, patient lifts, therapeutic tubs, IV poles, sharps disposal and patient furniture;
  • Cleaning Chemical:  cleaning chemical and commercial laundry dispensing equipment;
  • Personal Care/Washroom Products:  soap, towel and tissue dispensers;
  • Facility Accessories: touchless faucets, partitions, lockers, grab bars and waste disposal containers.
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Our Mission

Cross Country Installation & Service provides manufacturers and distributors with a skilled labor force who will ensure that their products and equipment are installed properly and running in top condition.

Our first priority is to understand your needs and challenges. We then customize our services to meet your objectives through an innovative and collaborative approach, providing a level of service that will surpass your expectations. We take pride in our ability to support both immediate and future service needs.

We have the Best Quality

Service solutions for your business!


• Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers
• Towel & Tissue Dispensers
• Chemical Dilution Units
• Commercial Laundry Chemical Pumps

Health Care

• Equipment/Device Assembly
• Needle Disposal Containers
• Latex Glove Containers
• Wall-Mounted Medical Diagnostic Equipment
• Bathing Systems

General Installations

• Retail Store Fixtures/Racks
• Security Gates
• Bike Racks
• Sign Installations (including digital media displays)

From project management to equipment repair,

no job is too big or too small.

Project Management- When faced with a multi-location rollout of a project, our customers turn to CCIS to provide support in the original bid process, mapping and routing, scheduling, and progress tracking. In order to ensure excellent execution on time and under budget, CCIS can help to plan it all out.

Site Survey & Audit- When you need the extra set of eyes out in the field, a CCIS Technician will go to the site to measure, count, and scope out the area. A Site Survey is useful when your sales rep is not in the area, when you are wanting to test out sites for a larger project and need to determine site needs, when you are wanting to review a more complex site/project, when you want to ensure that equipment is not missed when ordering, etc.

Installation & Assembly- From the installation of soap and sanitizer, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers to medical diagnostic equipment to digital media displays, CCIS technicians have the experience and skill to install it. Retail store fixtures, bathing systems, chemical dilution units (including commercial laundry chemical pumps) — the list goes on…

Reactive Service- If a piece of equipment needs repair, a CCIS Technician will return to the site to assess the situation, diagnose the problem, and complete the repair. For any chemical dilution service, CCIS guarantees an on-site reaction time of only 24 hours for sanitizer and 48 hours for all other service call needs. This means that the end-user can have their issues resolved and be back in working order as quickly as possible.

Preventative Maintenance- Once a CCIS Technician has assembled or installed your product, let us take care of it going forward. Our technicians complete pre-scheduled visits to sites in order to ensure on-going maintenance of your equipment. From annual quality checks to monthly performance tune-ups, we have the ability to create a customized plan that suits your needs.

End-User Training- CCIS offers End-User Site Training to all staff available on site at the time of installation in order to ensure that the End-User/Site understand the purpose and functionality of the equipment and how to keep it in pristine working order. Too often companies spend money to get their products and/or equipment in place, but overlook the impact of site misuse due to lack of knowledge.